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Chamber of Horrors – Minister McKenna Comes to Calgary

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Yes, that was the Chamber of Horrors in Calgary March 9, 2017.

Calgarians are friendly and polite, so no one said anything out loud.

But most of us know that the eight worst floods in Calgary’shistory were before 1933;两个人的流量比2013年的洪水更大。所以 - 卡尔加里洪水不是关于气候变化的。这是一个具有不寻常的情况的天气事件。

calgary flood years weather net

And Alberta has lived through wildfires every season – even Calgarians know them well, despite being high up on a near barren plain, because we get to breathe in the wildfire smoke plumes from BC, Washington, Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and sometimes even Siberia. We know the Fort McMurray wildfires were human caused and they ripped through Fort Mac in part because the government of Alberta was asleep at the wheel and had cut wildfire budgets and contracts, despite clear recommendations post-Slave Lake, that we needed to由4月15日 - 工作人员,设备,合同,作品。我们不是。

flat top cover.png


比尔亚当斯那VP Western Canada for the Insurance Bureau of Canada introduced guest speaker, the Hon. Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, with a dose of climate gloom and doom remarks. He then neatly tied the story line to his pitch by saying“Timothy Lane, Deputy governor of the Bank of Canada agrees and pointed to that fact in a recent speech where he made the economic case for carbon pricing. Lane made it clear that climate change is already having a profound impact on Canada’s economy and financial systems. And like most Canadians, we support efforts to reduce carbon emissions while protecting our economy.”

He’s wrong on气候变化和野生狂欢E ...和碳定价作为任何保护手段。



Mr. Lane is not a climate scientist or wildfire expert. Neither such expert would make the claim that the Fort McMurray wildfire event supports carbon pricing as a means of stopping wildfires or floods. That’s just silly. One-of events are not climate change. Climate patterns are measured in 30, 50, 100 year and millennial timescales. Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change rejects the notion that global warming would cause extreme weather events.


Judith Curry博士2014年摘录证词对美国参议院

And how about that smooth buy-in line “Like most Canadians…” Albertans加拿大人和最响亮的拒绝碳定价。

Mr. Adams introduced the Minister who immediately reminded us that'气候变化是真实的。

2. Holocene Warming periods

Honestly. Alberta, and Calgary have one of the highest per capita ratios of Professional Geoscientists and Professional Engineers, perhaps in the world but certainly in Canada. People who have studied 4 billion years of earth’s changes can tell the Minister a thing or two about how climate change is real and that it changes – a lot – without any human influence. And the Professional Engineers can explain how a 0.02°C change (two one-hundredths) in temperature over 2015 is not a sign of anything because it falls within a 1 degree margin of error – so, could have been warmer…or cooler. In fact, an averaged temperature from so many ‘adjusted’ sources is simply a metric – not an actual temperature measurement anymore.

But I digress.

The horror continued – worst of all was the Minister’s own statement that在释放到巴黎之前,她对“气候文件”一无所知。也许是她的无忧无虑,逍遥自在的”,所以世界卫生大会t’ tone that struck me as illustrating how completely oblivious she is to what her agreement will do to this country, if we try to follow through.

她说:“所以当我接受这份工作时,我立即去了气候谈判。我实际上不知道气候文件。我不得不弄清楚警察*是什么。这位警察是什么?许多人曾多于一个以上的警察,13名,14条警察。我到了那里,挖掘,我们能够获得非常雄心勃勃的气候协议,但随后橡胶必须在这里击中道路......“(*缔约方会议 - 关于气候政策的国际会议......现在正在发生22年。)

The rubber had to hit the road here.


I certainly felt a moment of OMG in that roomful of Albertans, many of whom work in the sciences, most in businesses associated with the energy industry, being told that the person who negotiated an international agreement that could将加拿大经济转变为乍得,一无所知了这个主题。


The next frightening thing was her reference to Mark Carney for advice on the climate file.

关于卡尼先生,”他说,首先,我们need to take climate action because it’s a huge risk for companies that don’t. So, that’s what keeps me up at night. If we don’t take action, then we’re going to go off a cliff.”

Climate catastrophe bandwagonning doesn’t cut it if you are using a bank governor as your science source, relying on his much-vaunted address to Lloyds of London of Sept 29, 2015. Especially when Steve Kopitz of Princeton Energy Advisors has found thatnone of Mr. Carney’s climate catastrophe claims are supported by actual climate data,freely available on US government websites. Kopitz called Carney’s talk “a failure of analysis.”

年代o, no cliff, Minister McKenna. Not about climate, anyway.


我们艾伯坦并不重要。我们只关心管道that get built,Minister.

其余的节目和告诉冒险冒险进入大量的欢呼领导,我们是如何创业的,以及如何以及那里的清洁增长的30万亿美元市场。奇怪的是,部长似乎没有意识到我们already持有任何形式和任何工业发展的任何增长的关键 - 因为我们拥有所需的所有石油,天然气和煤炭。一切。即使是特斯拉和巴拉德燃料电池公共汽车也是她将我们作为创新或风电场和太阳能电池板的示例。特斯拉在煤动力电力上运行。巴尔德公共汽车是制造的 - 用来自石油,天然气和煤炭的能量提取或开采的材料建造。为了变风,你需要石油。很多。所以 - 让我们的产品到市场。

2rc8vih oil equivalent energy


We just need to get those green trade warrior ENGOs out of the way!

IFIP mostly silent pg 47

About 81% of the world’s energy sources come from fossil fuels – only 1.4% come from renewables like wind and solar. Despite showing pix of wind turbines and solar panels, this ‘shift’ will take decades and LOTS of oil and gas and coal.

IEA化石fuesl vs

与此同时,世界上有数百万辆汽车在天然气上运行 - 显示我们10个巴拉德燃料 - 电池巴士并不令人印象深刻或代表经济机会,虽然有趣。

  • 2014年全球道路上的90700万车辆,405,000人是ev。EVS在全球公路上构成了0.04%的PV。
  • 年代ales of all-electric trucks and buses are negligible.
  • Of 88 million new vehicle sales in the world in 2014, 307,000 were EVs. That is, the EV share of new vehicle sales was 0.35%. In 2015, that probably rose to one half of one percent.
  • 到2040年,达到目前PV销量的60%,EV销售将不得不增加至今的120倍。
  • 全球总车辆销售的潜在增长是巨大的,特别是在亚洲,中东和非洲。2040以2040年,EV销售将构成所有车辆销售额的60%的可能性零。
  • 内燃机,由石油燃料提供动力,将是长时间的主导动力源。

And…if Tesla is innovation,只需给予50亿美元,我们也会提出一些美好的东西。

In the meantime, some American analysts have posted comedic commentaries onhow many beer do you have to drink to believe Tesla......其他人认为它具有类似的财务模式来安然。

tesla enron davidson research

A subsidized Tesla is a horrible example to show us.Especially when the federal government has written a big fat subsidy cheque to Bombardier, which sits on a port and has global access for its products, but that same Liberal government can’t cough up any reasonable financial support for landlocked Alberta with about 200,000 people unemployed and Fort McMurray still lies, largely in ashes. It’s a horrible example when this government plays footsie with environmentalists who are blocking pipelines, resource development and demarketing coal power, while claiming ‘victory’ over pipeline批准。这是一个可怕的例子,政府有胆派送一个阳光明媚的方式高级部长,以进一步低于已经伤害的市场,exploiting our pain to claim that carbon pricing will save the planet, stop floods and wildfires….

Also, it was horrible to hear the Minister tout acarbon capture项目是可行的,因为多亿富翁比尔盖茨抛出了金钱。McKenna部长,比尔盖茨净了价值$ 895亿美元– billions he can afford to lose.


Comments from engineering-types:

  • I suspect as soon as you run any kind of energy balance on this you will find it is a net sucker of energy. There is a reason (several, actually) why we don’t use much carbon capture from combustion streams like coal flue gas – it is very diluted. But that is nothing compared to how diluted CO2 in atmosphere is at 400 ppm.
  • 此过程需要10GJ作为输入,因此除非提供净功率输出,否则在考虑任何其他成本之前,您已经有了30-40 /吨CO2的成本。
  • making O2 from an air separation unit is very power intensive and I suspect takes up most of the energy output, other than that taken up by pumps, compressors, fans, etc to run this thing.
  • Politicians should not promote things that have not been technically or economically vetted.

(PS – we are all for innovation….that makes sense!)

这是一个令人恐惧的是,一个环境部长也是一个幻想trade ministerfor helping sellTENBallard hydrogen fuel-cell buses to China, a market of a billion people (where‘Canada has a very good relationship with China at the highest level of government.’she said) …while沙特阿拉伯刚刚为中国提供了650亿美元的交易。

HEY! If we’re serious on the environment and climate file that should have been OUR deal because Canada is quite a few thousand nautical miles closer to China, based on a quick Google search.


年代audi Arabi-Bejing: 7,341 Nautical miles



But obviously, none of this is about climate change or the environment. It’s about pushing carbon trading.

年代o, is this how the world foists a carbon trading market upon us? Lock in our resources and squeeze us dry?That’s a different kind of extraction industry, a kind of extortion.艾伯塔斯坦通常在握手上做生意,而不是kneecap。

Keudos到卡尔加里商会和赞助商安排这一点“Chamber of Horrors”介绍,尽可能痛苦。

At least we know exactly what we’re up against. And, we know it is folly. Would be nice to have a list of where institutional investment funds are placed…just to make sure there’s no…you know, vested interests driving this conversation.


And sadly it was repeated this past week with a full supplement in theHill TimesMarch 13, 2017 pumping out the same old Alberta/Fort McMurray wildfires-extreme weather-climate change-carbon price misinformation to Americans.

Thank heavens the US Government and @POTUS are far more pragmatic and really want to put people back to work. They approved Keystone XL. And based on how they cleared out protestors at DAPL, who left an unholy mess behind them while claiming to want to save the earth, it seems thatBlockadia可能也是过去的事情。

Come and hear our speakers atCLIMATE DOGMA EXPOSED- 2017年5月9日。在www.friendsofscence.org或enverbrite的门票。

毛D1933”丛书莱曼GOREHAM最终AB 2017年5月20日


  1. Robert Muir

    And the media and even the chief economist of a Canadian bank just repeat the ‘made up’ data on climate-driven frequency shifts and charge ahead no questions asked …
    What McKenna and others new to this field are guilty of is ‘thinking fast’ and exercising the cognitive biases that cause us to misframe problems and come to simple convenient, feel-good solutions to complex problems that truly require ‘thinking slow’ – this thinking fast and slow issue in the context of extreme weather and flooding is explored in my recent paper:
    Evidence Based Policy Gaps in Water Resources: Thinking Fast and Slow on Floods and Flow



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